Sunday, July 05, 2009

Friend Seeking C++ Developers

A project I worked on a while back is now nearing its initial public beta, and they're looking for a good developer or two to bring them down the home stretch. Here's the writeup:
We are developing a cross-platform multimedia player to showcase our new rich media packaging technology. We are looking for C++ contract professionals with Windows, Mac and Linux skills to become part of our team.

Areas of interest include:
  • Media format knowledge
  • Portable player integration
  • sqLite3 embedding
  • GUI development
This project is well advanced, so new developers must be able to dive into existing code.

Ours is a small, highly skilled team. We expect all teams members to be self-starters. These contracts have long term potential for the right persons.
The team is distributed across the globe, so you can work the job from wherever you live. They are especially interested in someone with solid Mac skills to round out the team. Contact me if you're interested and I'll put you in touch.


I'm VERY much interested. I've been working on audio/video tools since 1999 for various companies. I don't want to post my resume here, but I'll paste my cover letter below. My email address is and I'm available immediately. I'm currently in Northern CA but ready to move.


Hello, I am a Software Engineer with over 10 years experience writing commercial software... the good stuff you see in a box on a shelf, and much of it has been tools that work with graphics, audio, or video.

I really like working on graphics and video tools, and user-interface design is probably my favorite part but I can do the engine parts too. I've done game development (shipped two complete games), graphics tools (perhaps you heard of DeBabelizer from Equilibrium), video compression tools (Media Cleaner from Terran Interactive/Media 100 of Los Gatos), and various graphics/video tools for internal use by companies such as AOL. I recently finished a two-year position at Telestream of Nevada City, CA where I worked on Flip4Mac which is a plugin on the Mac for Firefox and Safari, and FlipFactory which is a major video compression system on Windows.

I am proud of everything I worked on, and love to demonstrate it at conventions, etc. Meeting users and hearing how they used my tools to do some great things brings me a great sense of accomplishment.

That's it. I'm very simple, hard-working, and easy to get along with. I like high-quality things from cars to home electronics, so I have a nice collection of gadgets to share my experience with. I also run an eCommerce site in my spare time for the web experience. Thank you! I hope to hear from someone soon.
PS:I was referred to your blog by Hank Ratzesberger whom I worked with in the past.
Greg, sounds great! What's your last name (so I can send you an email)? Also, feel free to contact me at
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