Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm Writing a Book!

Well, not exactly: Jim Jackson is writing the book and I'm doing all the JavaScript code examples. The book is called HTML5 for the .NET Developer; it's an introduction to all the hot new goodness in the JavaScript world, for folks who have been living a sheltered .NET existence. Each chapter we explain a different HTML5 technology and build a functional demo with it. I'm having a great time at it; each one's a little Out of the Box Week project.

I need your help, though. I like to think my code is pretty clear and clean, but we could all use more eyes on our work to keep us honest, right? If you're a JavaScript coder, I'd love it if you could take a look at the demos we've done so far and let me know what you think of the code:

Canvas: code, demo
History: code, demo
Geolocation: code, demo
Drag & Drop, Web Workers: code, demo

All comments – from fundamental flaws to superficial style nits – are appreciated!

Monday, December 05, 2011

Startup Season

Last year, none of my friends had startups. Now at least 5 do (forgive me if I forgot yours!). They're all in various stages of launch, some with great fanfare and others more quietly, but they're all cool projects, and I'm delighted to see them growing.

Aza Raskin's Massive Health is seeking to bring a design renaissance to the world of health, starting with an iPhone app that makes it fun to watch what you're eating (and what your friends are eating).

Gary Flake's Clipboard helps you collect all the bits and pieces scattered around the web, organize and share them.

Aseem Kishore's Thingdom invites you to connect and converse around the things in your life that you love.

Kai Gradert's Cheers seeks to brighten your life with praise for the wonderful people, places, and things in the world.

Robert Bailey's GAIN Fitness is a personal trainer in your pocket, ready at the drop of a hat.

Maybe my Fathom is a startup as well? Hard to say. At any rate, Happy Startup Season!