Thursday, February 08, 2018


Wow, I guess I haven't been posting here much lately (though I've been posting regular updates on Patreon). Maybe it's time to change that… How about I start with a little 2017 wrap-up?

Let's see… I'd say it's been a pretty good year for me, both personally and professionally (politics notwithstanding), but I don't have anything really dramatic to report… It's mostly been a continuation of threads from previous years.

I'm working on a variety of projects professionally, as well as my various side projects. For the latter, my year-end wrap-up on Patreon is a good summary, and for the former, you can see a few new entries on my projects page, but a bunch of them are still under wraps.

We didn't go on any big trips, beyond going down to Oregon for the solar eclipse (which was amazing; highly recommended!). Caitlyn is continuing with her homeschool, and continuing to develop her skills in art (traditional and digital; 2D and 3D; still and animated). Christina is continuing to pursue her many pursuits and still somehow finding time to keep the rest of us organized.

Meanwhile, I read books, watched movies, and listened to music.

All in all it's been a fine year. What do I hope for from 2018? Well, probably more of the same. We've found a nice groove. Still, if I could have some wishes:
  • I'd like to do more writing. Maybe here, maybe on Patreon, maybe somewhere else… There are too many options these days, and it's not clear how best to find the right audience.
  • I'd like to get more people involved in my passion projects… Things like Arty Widget, Clockwork Goldfish, and Driftory are all made for people to build with; I need to encourage more people to do so.
  • I'd like to get involved in building VR experiences. Caitlyn and I have been playing in VR, there's a ton of VR stuff happening in this area, and I've been learning a lot about 3D programming, so I figure the time is right.
We shall see… May 2018 be a good year, for all of us!