Saturday, January 17, 2009

Infinite Canvas

Inspired by the "Infinite Canvas" chapter in Scott McCloud's book Reinventing Comics, and building on some of my earlier work that led to Seadragon Ajax, I used our recent Out of the Box Week to create a new comic layout and viewing web app, Infinite Canvas. Scott himself was kind enough to contribute one of his pieces, Brad's Somber Mood, and Jouni Koponen has provided The Day the Saucers Came, a collaboration with Neil Gaiman. This is just the beginning though... What can you create, on a canvas with no limits?


I think this is a brilliant idea. Frame direction and placement has everything to do with emotion and timing in comics. Not having to stay within the lines of a rectangular page would really set a comic book artist free to put it together in a way that makes sense to him or her instead of just trying to fit everything together like a puzzle. For me, the most time consuming and annoying part is placing frames.
That was pretty much Scott McCloud's point when he proposed the idea. I'm excited to see what interesting works this experiment may yield. Perhaps you'll give it a go?
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