Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Off Planet Mozilla

I've been syndicating my blog to Planet Mozilla for about a year now, and it's been great, as it's a community that shares a lot of my passions. I've been finding lately, however, that I've been subconsciously censoring myself, wanting to make sure my posts are at least somewhat relevant for that audience. Considering my extremely low blog output, anything that slows me down further probably isn't a good idea, so I've decided to switch to a tagged feed; only posts I specifically tag for Mozilla will show up on the Planet.

If you've been reading me through Planet and would like to continue following my (hopefully more frequent, but no promises) off-topic posts, you can do so with the RSS feed for my blog, or even (for more off-topic bits plus blog post notifications) my Twitter stream.

I haven't been actively working on Firefox for a while now, but I still consider Mozilla to be one of the best families I've been welcomed into. Cheers to all of you!



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