Monday, February 06, 2006

The Renewable Energy Race

In response to my previous post, Richard says:
How about mounting a national/international effort on the scale of the Space Race, Marshall Plan, etc to apply the latest technology to drilling large tunnels into the mantle and tapping this resource? In places along the Cascadia Zone and others where there are live volcanos, one wouldn't even need to go that far down. I'd think that a modest capital investment, say on the order of 10% of the US military budget, might be sufficient to create a breakthrough and prime such a new energy marketplace. Now that I mention it, I can't imagine any more effective defensive use of the "defense" budget...
Indeed, it's serious business. . . Countries with reliable renewable energy sources (geothermal or otherwise) are going to have a major economic advantage over everyone else when the oil runs out. That's got to be worth something!


of course its worth something. for one, economic sustainability will be assured and the most important, quality of life wont change (or at best, preserved some)
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