Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm Writing a Book!

Well, not exactly: Jim Jackson is writing the book and I'm doing all the JavaScript code examples. The book is called HTML5 for the .NET Developer; it's an introduction to all the hot new goodness in the JavaScript world, for folks who have been living a sheltered .NET existence. Each chapter we explain a different HTML5 technology and build a functional demo with it. I'm having a great time at it; each one's a little Out of the Box Week project.

I need your help, though. I like to think my code is pretty clear and clean, but we could all use more eyes on our work to keep us honest, right? If you're a JavaScript coder, I'd love it if you could take a look at the demos we've done so far and let me know what you think of the code:

Canvas: code, demo
History: code, demo
Geolocation: code, demo
Drag & Drop, Web Workers: code, demo

All comments – from fundamental flaws to superficial style nits – are appreciated!


If you're demonstrating how to use Javascript, please use Javascript APIs, not jQuery.
@anonymous, well, we're trying to give a pragmatic overview of the state of client-side programming these days, so jQuery is definitely part of what we're trying to share.
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