Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Upcoming Movies

Okay, here's the next thing I want: a site/service that's single-mindedly devoted to getting me out to the movie theater.

It collects upcoming movies that I'm interested in seeing (more on how it does that in just a moment). It lets my friends know what I'm interested in, and when there is overlap it helps us schedule movie outings. It reminds me when the movies come out and lets me know where they're playing. If all else fails and I miss one in the theater, it helps me add it to my Netflix queue.

So how does it collect the movies I'm interested in? Well, you can certainly add them manually. Perhaps there is also a bookmarklet that'll add whatever movie you're looking at on any number of popular movie sites. That's all good, but what I really want is to just sit back and watch trailers.

So it's got a mode where it fills the screen and plays one trailer after the next. No fiddling around with lists or clicking through "interactive marketing experiences"; just an uninterrupted stream of trailers. Maybe it does this based on what you like, or based on what your friends are interested in, or whatever. Any trailer you like, hit the thumbs up; otherwise skip it or just let it play.

For that matter, where else do you just sit and watch trailers? At the movie theater. With a little bit of net infrastructure and a couple taps from you, we could sync your phone up to the trailer roll and give you that thumbs up button right there in the theater (of course we'd make a low-light interface so it won't bother your neighbors… we're not monsters after all).

So that's what I want, is that so much to ask?

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Sounds great to me. Pitch it to Google, Facebook, and Apple, and let them battle it out...
Okay, I'll let you know how that works out… :-)
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