Sunday, March 14, 2010

Two Months

Well, I've been doing this freelance thing for two months now, so how's it going?

Quite nicely, thank you! I've done work for five clients in that time, with two steady ones right now, and a few more coming down the line. So far, it's a pretty even split between Web and iPhone/iPad, which is just what I was hoping for; a bit of variety, on platforms I love. In fact, I've been doing JavaScript, Objective-C, Silverlight, and C++, and most of these projects involve a mixture of design and engineering.

So what are these fabulous projects I'm working on? I can't share yet, but stay tuned, once I've got something to show.

Of course I love the new improved commute (though I have been getting less reading done, now that I don't ride the bus everyday), spending more time with my family and my neighborhood, and no longer stressing out about how to change Microsoft's mind about something or other. It's not just that I'm spending more time at home, but it's more quality time. I'm finally getting around to all sorts of things that I've been letting slide for several years (like my new site design... what do you think?).

It's not all roses, of course; the thing I miss the most from Seadragon is the regular time spent working with that great team. I actually see quite a few of them fairly frequently still, which is wonderful, but there are plenty I haven't seen at all. I also miss the long debates about technology, design and philosophy, and the amazingly broad, twisted lunch conversations. I suppose I need to further develop my cadre of compatriots here on the outside.

All in all, I'm pleased with how this new adventure is going.


How much do you charge? I could use a technology guru on occasion! Seriously, congrats on going rogue, that's a bold move but one I'm sure you'll be glad you made...
Maybe I can trade some of my technology guru services for some of your helicopter piloting services...

Thanks for the vote of confidence!
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