Friday, March 26, 2010

The Truth about Vampires

Having recently read Life Inc. and watched New Moon around the same time, I found myself inexorably lead to a new theory for the symbolism behind vampires: clearly they are corporations. Soulless, immortal, living only to feed, they promise you great power if you join them, but more often than not you end up just another victim. Hmm...



Also, naive people often find them sexy, but the attraction wears off with repeated exposure and increased cynicism.
Excellent point!

And how about sex? That's another component of most vampire stories, and a key element in the corporate advertising world. The Twilight take is especially resonant; you can look but don't touch (at least not until you've committed to a lifetime subscription).

With a little work, we could probably come up with enough material for one of those impulse-buy books you see at the checkout counter, "Vampire Soup for the Corporate Soul," or some such. We could make $1 million! Our corporate vampire empire awaits...
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