Saturday, May 27, 2006

Peace Child

It's been over 20 years since I traveled to Moscow as part of the children's citizen diplomacy musical production Peace Child. It was an incredibly influential experience, but now it feels like another lifetime.

I've recently reconnected with a couple of my castmates from that trip, discovered that Peace Child lives on in new forms, and in fact will be celebrating its 25th anniversary soon!

The Cold War may be over, but the world needs peace children as much as ever.


Hey Ian,
Thanks for adding me to your Blogroll. I hope I can live up to the challenge of offering your socially responsible readers something of interest...

At one time I was President of Students for Peace & Justice at my college in upstate NY. Since NPR was running pieces on the families of deceased Vet's today, I started to think hard about the what-if's of having a child someday that wanted to join the army...

While I would hope that this would *not* be a likely situation, I'm glad to hear of programs such as Peace Child & see how it's changed your perspective on the world. Thanks for the tip--I'll keep it in my back pocket for when the time comes. My experience out on a rez in South Dakota with the Partnership for Service learning certainly changed my life & taught me lifelong lessons.

Look forward to reading more of your posts. How on earth did you find my site?
Hi Ian,
Just watched our late 80s remake of
Peace Child and found it inspiring once again. Thought of the last performance day when pre-curtain we gathered and I was supposed to go over my director notes. I had an empty sheet in front of me, signifying either no errors, or total exhaustion on my part. But the heartfelt commitment and enthusiasm of our cast and audiences prompted me to emote something about each one being right where s/he needed to be, and being totally the right person for the part. I like to think of those performances as being a small nudge in this great wheel we're turning toward world peace and harmony.

Hey Ian,

I was part of Peace Child when it toured in the US during the summer of '88. I am looking for either a recording or lyrics. Do you have any idea where I could track them down at? Thanks! My email is
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