Saturday, February 06, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

The sun was out today, and it brought everyone out of the woodwork. We had our monthly neighborhood cleanup in the morning, which got things rolling. We chatted with old friends and met new ones. Caitlyn ran all over the park with a boy a little older than her who has recently moved into the neighborhood. Christina worked in the garden, as did a number of our neighbors (in their yards and gardens). My sister (who recently moved into the neighborhood) stopped by and invited Caitlyn out for a ride on the light rail.

I'm delighted to be living in a neighborhood with so much friendly, casual community. One more reason I'm glad not to be commuting across the water every day anymore.


Wow, where do you live? Actually you better not tell: we'll all want to move there!
It's a mystical place called "Not Los Angeles" ;-)

You need to stop by and visit sometime, perhaps on one of those plane flights of yours!
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